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Answers to some commonly asked questions

Q: Approximately how long does it take to install one roll of 7' x 330' fence?
A: Once the area is cleared and the wire has been installed both top and bottom, 1-2 hours.

Q: Are there any special tools required that you do not provide?
A: If using posts that cannot be driven into the ground with a heavy hammer, a post hole digger may be necessary. Also, pliers and wire cutters may be needed.

Q: How does the cost compare to other fencing types?
A: Compared to other fencing types that we sell, this is the most economical and best suited for excluding deer.

Q: Do I need to hire a professional fence installer or can I do this myself?
A: An "extra set of hands" makes the installation go quicker but this can be done alone. Many people do this installation without any difficulty and get professional results.

Q: If I find that some small animal has chewed holes in the fence near the ground, what can I do?
A: Although this ins unlikely, rabbits can be determined at times. We carry a type of fencing that can be used as a rabbit guard.

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