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In recent years the deer have undergone a tremendous growth in population. In some instances, the herds have become too large for their small wooded areas and this situation pushes these animals into more "backyard" environments. Consequently, the deer take advantage of any available food supply such as gardens, shrubs, small orchards or other plantings.

If you find your garden and landscaped areas destroyed by deer, we offer a solution to the problem with our Deer Exclusion Fence System. After several years of working with professional fence contractors and commercial growers, we have designed a low cost, highly effective way to keep deer our to unwanted areas.

The material used in the Deer Exclusion Fence System is a polypropylene plastic mesh (UV light resistant) which is light weight but high strength and practically invisible. It is easy to install and cost effective as well.

For complete deer exclusion, the fence should be installed around the perimeter of the area you wish to protect. The material can be attached to existing trees or to stakes. PVC wire should be run on top and bottom and the fence attached directly to it. Detailed instructions are provided with every order.

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