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Poultry Fence

This fence is a plastic alternative to traditional chicken wire. It is long lasting and UV resistant. It will not rust or corrode and is reusable in many cases. It can be used for poultry runs and screening or as a fence around flower or vegetable gardens. This fence can be cut with a utility knife and leaves no sharp edges. The mesh size is 1 1/4" x 1" and comes in colors of black, green and silver.

Poultry Fence

Product Price

2' x 25' black, green, silver 11.43
3' x 25' black, green, silver 14.37
3' x 50' black, green only 24.30
4' x 25' black, green only 16.89
4' x 50' black, green only 32.50

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Poultry Fence


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